The Porcelain Room – text by Knut Astrup Bull

The Porcelain Room – text by Irene Nordli and Tyra Trondstad

I Find It Harder and Harder To Live Up To My Blue China – text by Line Ulekleiv

Og nå: keramikk – text by Tommy Olsson

Ruiner og tap – text by Irene Nordli

Ground Control 5 – text by Even Nordli

Ny natur – Tendendser 2011 – text by Irene Nordli

Kyss frosken! Forvandlingens kunst : 28.05-18.09.2005

The Survival of the Misfits – text by Kjartan Müller

Only Human – text by Martina Margetts

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Contemporary Clay and Museum Culture, edited by Christie Brown, Julian Stair, Clare Twomey

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Irene Nordli, The sensuality of porcelain and clay

Halden Prison (KORO)

You Can’t Hold Back Spring (catalogue)

Great things from somewhere : Irene Nordli, Ole Johan Aandal, Harald Solberg : keramikk, fotografi (catalogue)

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Staty i barnstorlek fräckt stulen i ateljé (true crime)